Amazon Tarzan

AMAZON TARZAN is an indigenous Amazon Jungle Tour Guide from São Gabriel de Cachoeira. He has over 20 years experience and a complex knowledge of Amazon jungle wildlife and nature. He speaks fluent English, Portuguese, Spanish and some German and Italian.

When choosing your excursion, have more fun and leisure when you travel safety and in harmony with nature. We are a registered tour operator with the Brazilian tourism board. Come along with AMAZON TARZAN JUNGLE SPECIALIST, embark on this adventure, make your stay more enjoyable!

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Amazon Tarzan Lodge is located on Amazon Tarzan island about 100km south of Manaus on Rio Juma.
The Island is about 4 square km and presents primary rain forest with vast wildlife.
Monkeys, Guariba, Hawks, Egrets, Jacu, Amazon Kingfisher, Toucan, Macaw and other species can be easely found.
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Enjoy the beauty of the Amazon rain forest on board our boat Andiroba.  It is a typical regional boat with a length of 18m and powered by a 75 MWM engine. It offers 4 cabins for 2 person and accommodation in hammock on upperdeck. For our trips we take along a 40hp motorized canoe.
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If your dream is to discover the beauty and mystery of the Amazon Rainforest and observe live wildlife. The best way to experience a rainforest is to hike through it. That could mean getting to know native Indians and their culture. This gives visitors a chance to really absorb the scenery and enjoy the flora and fauna unique to that Amazon. AMAZON TARZAN is a native Indian guide, specializing in back-country adventures exploring the heart of the rainforest.

On our 2 to 15 days journey you will find yourself far from the crowds in tucked away corners just to enjoy yourself.

I offer you a flexible program which will be composed according to your interest and available time.

  • Survival techniques in the jungle
  • Piranha and other fish
  • Bird watching
  • Crocodile spotting
  • Jungle tracking
  • Exploring the flooded rain forest
  • Visit to the local population

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